Winter Car Hacks

When you are in a rush trying to get from Point A to Point B the last thing you need is winter weather bringing you to a screeching halt. Don’t let ice freeze you in its tracks. Instead, use our list of helpful Winter Car Hacks to keep on the move.

Tube Socks

Dig those old tube socks out of your drawer and slip them over your windshield wipers to prevent ice build-up overnight. Simply pull the socks off in the morning to reveal clean and ice-free wipers ready for the road.

MacGyver It

Frozen windshield with no signs of an ice scraper? In a pinch a few household items can get the job done. If you are at home, grab a spatula and scrape away. If you are away from home, a credit card or any other plastic card will do the trick, just be sure to wear gloves.

Work With the Weather

Naturally combat the ice with a little help from Mother Nature. At night, park your car facing the east. The sun rises in the east and will defrost your windshield for you

Frozen Locks

Frozen locks? Quickly melt a frozen lock with a pour of rubbing alcohol or squirt of hand sanitizer. The alcohol will quickly melt away ice, freeing your locks.

Grease Goes a Long Way

Spray cooking spray in the cracks of your doors and on the rubber to help prevent them freezing shut at night. Any water that gets trapped between your doors at night will freeze, but cooking spray helps prevent water from getting trapped there in the first place.

Wrap It up

Prevent ice from forming on side mirrors by wrapping them in plastic bags. Secure the bags with clothes pins or rubber bands and your mirrors will be ice free in the morning.

Sprinkle Clean

The salt and dirt that can build up under your vehicle when driving on ice and snow can be quite harmful to your vehicle’s undercarriage. Easily clean off all that grime on a warmer day by sliding a lawn sprinkler under your vehicle. Turn the sprinkler on and drive back and forth over it a few times.
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