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Hallelujah! Temperatures are finally starting to rise. While sunny days and warmer temps are certainly a welcome change, that smell coming from your car’s air vents when you reach for the A/C might not be.

If you are noticing a strange smell coming from your vehicles air vents it is likely the result of mold growing on your vehicle’s air conditioning evaporator core. The evaporator is located under your vehicle’s hood and gets wet when humidity condenses on the core’s surface.

If you find yourself with a less than pleasant air conditioner, we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you restore that fresh scent to your favorite vehicle. All you will need is a can of vehicle air conditioning treatment like the ones available here

NOTE: The best solution is to bring your vehicle to our factory trained and certified service team at Alfa Romeo & FIAT of Minneapolis in St. Louis Park, MN. We are happy to assess your vehicle and will make recommendations prior to taking action. Get directions to our service department near you.

Start with your vehicle turned off and spray the air conditioning treatment spray into each of the vehicle’s air conditioning vents. Spray each vent for several seconds, giving each vent a burst of the conditioner. It is very important to make sure the car is turned off during this or the conditioning spray will just blow back in your direction.

After you have sprayed each air vent, be sure to spray the defroster vents found inside your vehicle at the base of the windshield. Repeat the same process with the defroster vents, spraying each vent for several seconds.

After you have finished spraying all interior vents, start the engine and set the air conditioner to the coldest and highest fan setting. It is important that the air condition is set to recirculation mode during this step. Let this cycle for several minutes before moving to the next step.

After you have let the air run for several minutes, turn the recirculation off and allow the vehicle to begin circulating fresh air. Move to the outside of the vehicle and spray the exterior air intake vents with the air conditioning treatment spray. You will find these vents at the base of the windshield on the outside of the car. Spray each vent for several seconds, making sure each section of vent gets a good amount of the conditioning spray. Don’t be afraid of using too much spray. You should use almost the entire can between the interior and exterior vents. After you have sprayed each exterior vent let the air cycle for several minutes, checking to make sure your vehicle is not in recirculation mode.

To finish, turn the air conditioner off and let the fan run at the highest setting. Let the fan run for several minutes, allowing the evaporator core to dry. It is a good idea to periodically repeat this last step to help keep the smell away.

These simple steps will help to clean your evaporator core and refresh your air conditioning system. These tricks might not work for every situation however. If you use the process we shared with you today and the odor continues to linger, give our service center a call at 952-367-4400 or schedule an appointment online. Our trained service technicians will investigate the situation and determine the cause of the smell before recommending the best course of action to remedy the problem.

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