Defrosting Hacks

It’s a frosty Monday morning, temperatures are well below freezing and your alarm failed to go off. You rush around, frantically trying to get dressed and gather your things in the hope you can still make it to work on time. You rush out to you car and come to a halt. Your windshield is covered in a nice sheet of ice that will take forever to thaw. Any chance you had of making it  Monday meeting has vanished.

Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately this is a scenario many of us up north know all too well. But rejoice! We have a few tricks up our sleeve that are sure to make sure you never miss the morning meeting again.

First, if possible park your vehicle facing the sun. The heat from the morning sun will kick start the defrosting process. Second, every night before you go inside, raise your windshield wipers and cover them with long tube socks. This will help prevent the wiper blades from getting frozen to the windshield.

Now comes time for our secret weapon, our homemade defrosting mixture that will clear your windshield in no time. Mix 2/3 rubbing alcohol with 1/3 water and store in a spray bottle. Keep the spray bottle handy inside your garage or just inside your home. When your windshield iced over, simply take this bottle out and spray it all over the ice. Watch as thick layers of ice quickly melt away, leaving your with crystal clear windows for driving.

Bonus Tip: NEVER pour hot water on your windshield or windows to melt the ice. Exposing frozen glass to boiling temperatures will result in a shattered windshield or window.

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