7 Tips for Driving on Ice and Snow Part 2

Winter weather, when living in Minnesota there is no way around it. But with our 7 tips for driving on ice and snow there is a way through it. Click here for Part 1 of our 7 Tips, and then keep reading below as we finish the list with our final three.

3. Control Your Slides

In the event you do hit a slick patch and your vehicle starts to spin, take control of the situation. Slowly lift your foot off the accelerator and do not hit the brakes. Don’t jerk your wheel into the spin, instead calmly look in the direction you want to go and steer your car the same way. Remember, look and steer in the direction you want to travel.

2. Drive With Caution

When driving on snow and ice it is important to stay alert and exercise extra caution. Don’t get in a panic, remember the best way to stay safe is to stay calm. Also it is important to know when the roads are too dangerous to tackle. If you don’t feel comfortable venturing out on the icy roads, stay home.

1. Drive a 2016 FIAT 500X

The all-new FIAT 500X is equipped with FIAT's first all-wheel drive system.

Automatically engaging when you need it most, the 500X’s all-wheel drive system sends power to all four wheels giving you the control and traction you need. This system also recognizes when front-wheel-drive performance is sufficient and automatically disengages power to the rear axle, boosting fuel efficiency. When paired with our other safe driving tips, the 2016 FIAT 500X All-Wheel Drive gives you the confidence you need to tackle winter driving.

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