5 Items to Always Keep In Your Car

Did you know the average American spends 4.3 years of their life driving a car? In fact you spend out 3 months of your life or 38 hours a year, sitting stuck in traffic. With all that time spent in the car it’s nice to always have a few necessities on hand. We have a list of 5 handy items to keep in your car that are guaranteed to make your on-the-road life easier.

1. Trash Can

Is your floorboard constantly littered with receipts and straw wrappers? It might be time you invest in a car trash can. Fabric options like these take up minimum space and are easy to throw in the wash. Small plastic trash bins like these here will do the just trick. For a DIY version, a cereal storage container like these here lined with a plastic bag works just as well.

2. Snacks

Does rush hour traffic leave you with a rumble in your tummy? Keep a small plastic box with a lid in your vehicle filled with granola bars, pre-packed nuts and crackers. Include a few water bottles and you will never have to stop for a roadside snack again. Over time you will save both time and money by always keepings snack on hand when in the car.

3.  Paper Towels & Wet Wipes

Paper towels can come in handy for all sorts of situations on the road. Spilled drink? Sticky hands? Paper towels and wet wipes to the rescue! In a pinch paper towels are also handy for passengers (and drivers) with a runny nose, although, you will probably want to keep a box of tissues on hand for those situations. We suggest keeping a roll of paper towels in the back seat and a few moist towelette packets in the glove box to avoid having to pull over to get them from the cargo area.

4. Pen and Sticky Notes

Have you ever been in the car, needed to quickly write down an address or phone number? You never seem to have paper lying around and end up using your Caribou Coffee receipt? This tip is for you. While we may live in the digital age, pen and paper can really come in handy when on the road. Keep a pen or two your center console or glove compartment along with a set of sticky notes. The next time you need to jot down a note, pull out your pen and paper and leave the receipt in the trash

5. Spare Cash

Today, when everything is just the swipe of a card away we often find ourselves with no cash. While you may be able to use a credit or debit card to pay for almost anything nowadays, we still recommend keep a small amount of spare cash hidden away somewhere in your vehicle. In the event of an emergency or if you leave home without your card, you will be glad to have a bit of cash stored away. Keep a bag or container of spare change in your center console for those pesky parking meters.

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