7 Tips for Driving on Ice and Snow Part 1

If you are a born and raised in Minnesota, harsh winters and slippery driving condition are just a way of life. No matter if you are a native Minnesotan trekking through your 30th winter, or a transplant experiencing your first, driving in the ice and snow can be a treacherous task.

We have seven tips below to help keep you and your loved ones safe on the road this winter. Keep reading to find our first four tips and then check back next week as we finish out our list with our final three tips.

7. Be Prepared

Make sure your vehicle is in prime condition before winter hits. Let our service technicians take a look at your vehicle to make sure everything is working properly. Always keep your gas tank at least half full during the winter to avoid gas line freeze-ups.  Keep extra blankets, coats, gloves, etc in the car along with snack and water in the event you get stuck on the road during a sudden snowstorm.

6. Don’t Stop On Hills

Hills can be a serious challenge when covered in ice and snow. It is important to try and never stop when traveling up a hill. Instead, build up speed on the flat roadway before a hill and use that momentum to carry you up the hill. If you start to slip, slowly lift your foot off the accelerator, but do not come to a complete stop. Avoiding coming to a complete stop by keeping a good amount distance between you and the vehicle ahead. This will give you have plenty of room to move at a crawl if traffic is moving slowly.

5. Keep Moving

Never come to a complete stop if you can avoid it. You are much more likely to slide when having to start from a full stop than from building speed while still rolling. When you see a stop coming up ahead, try to start reducing your speed as far back as possible. That way you can crawl into the stop and hopefully pick back up without ever coming to a complete stop.

4. Keep Your Distance

Driving on ice and snow is just as much about offense and it is defense. Give yourself plenty of space between you and the car ahead. In the event the car ahead starts to slide, you will have plenty of room to slow down and move to another lane. Keeping distance between you and vehicles ahead also gives you room to crawl so you do not have come to a complete stop at stop lights or stop signs. We recommend you increase your distance from cars ahead of you to at least three car lengths.

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