Spring Break Packing: FIAT Edition

Spring break is around the corner and that means it is time for the annual family road trip. The open road and comfortable interior of your FIAT are calling your name, but first you have to tackle the life-size Tetris game that is packing the car.

Don’t sweat it, panicking over packing the car is no way to start a vacation. Your FIAT 500X has a spacious interior that can comfortably seat up to 5 adults.

With 41.4" inches of passenger legroom and 34.8" of rear legroom, everyone in your vehicle will ride comfortably for hours to come. But what about the luggage? With 19 cubic feet of cargo space, the FIAT 500X has that covered too.

Option #1: A Family of Five

Even with every seat filled, the cargo area of your FIAT still has enough room for:

  • two large 32” suitcases plus one 28" "checked" luggage piece


  • two large 32" suitcases plus two 20" carry-on pieces

When you break that down, that is a lot of space for packing. That's not all though, after you have placed your luggage, there will still be room for extras bags, pillows and the most important thing, snacks.

Option #2: Three’s Company

Now as the size of the family decreases, it makes sense the amount of luggage would decrease too. That is not always the case though. Maybe your daughter insisted on bringing every shoe in her closet or your newborn requires more supplies than you and your spouse combined. No need to worry, your FIAT 500X can carry it all.

With your family of three everyone can bring their own luggage. You have room for

  • Three 32" suitcases, two in the cargo area and one in the back seat
  • Two 28" "checked" luggage pieces


  • Three 20" carry-on pieces

If you need to haul more than luggage then just bring the 32" suitcases, that leaves room on top in the cargo area and all around in the back seat. Just pack everything else you need around the luggage and you are ready for the road.

Option #3: Party of One

Congratulations! You have the car to yourself. In reality you can pack your FIAT 500X however your heart desires, but to put things into perspective, you could fit:

In the front passenger seat

  • One large 32" suitcase
  • In the back seat
  • Two large 32" suitcases
  • One 28" "checked" luggage piece
  • One 20" carry-on piece

In the cargo area

  • Two large 32" suitcases plus one 28" "checked" luggage piece


  • Two large 32" suitcases plus two 20" carry-on pieces

While that is more than enough luggage needed for a one-person week-long vacation, it might be just enough room for one person to make a major move. So whether you are vacating for the week or moving to a new chapter in life, this proves the FIAT 500X can handle the job.

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